Frequently Asked Questions

What is your Response Time?

 Our response time is from 24 to 48 hours.

What is the starting point of your analysis?

The outside analysis of your company based in the data you provide us, is very important to us to hear the customer and know what worries them more.

How you evaluate the threat or the intrusion level?

We do a investigation outside and inside your business, with all the information you, your staff and your systems provide us, we can calculate the threat level with a 90% curacy.

How many time will take to stop the intrusion or the threat based on your analysis?

Every company is different and every intrusion is unique, our team will do their best to keep you working or help your company go back to work in a few days. the intrusion control will take more time but you will be up and running during this process.

Why my actual Firewall didn't protect my company?

Because many attackers know the weak points and backdoor of old firewalls and use it to enter your network and steal valuable information. Also, is possible the intrusion was caused my an employee or some one inside your company.

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